necesi -dades

It has long been the goal of necesidades del oso to invite diverse perspectives on life's little pleasures to opine on them. In this series, those featured will share the stories behind their necesidades with jesse jackson iv.

Necesidades is a slight reframe of a classic exercise. We have seen many a celebrity compose a list comprised of desert island must haves, reveal what’s in the bag, or share the ten things they can’t live without. While those exercises do entertain, and inspire perhaps more than their fair share of envy, I often find that due to the nature of the individuals featured, the lists feel as though they are representative of people who have “made it.” Necesidades aims for an aspirational twist, a view of the things we carry as we strive forward. Necesidades is not about the most monetarily valuable items the folks featured own, but rather an exploration of the way the things we choose to collect, wear, read, or surround ourselves with inform who we are or reflect the people we wish to become.

The challenge set before those featured is simple; you have received an offer you simply cannot refuse, but it requires you depart for some exotic locale immediately, taking with you eight things you can pack in a duffle bag. What are the things you would choose to represent who you are in this unfamiliar context?

With the reduction of the number of options available, we hope to see the individual as they desire to see themselves.