Jesse in the forest

Words, Jesse Jackson IV |
Photography, Jesse Jackson IV | Jeremy Levinson

I took delivery of my Orazio Luciano bespoke (or, as Permanent Style would put it, perhaps top end made to measure) tuxedo on this day one year ago, as Memories reminds me. An inauspicious day for most, but rather exciting for me, it got me thinking about delayed gratification. “Good things come to those who wait”, as the saying goes. Entering this latest season of my life, that has never felt more true. I’ve gained an appreciation for ever shifting timelines in working with artisans from overseas, dealing with obstacles both within and beyond our respective spheres of control, but it has yet to get easier. Much of that can probably fairly be attributed to a personality that is geared to look towards the next thing - chasing the realization of the vision in my head.

Being fitted by the Maestro himself

As much as I’d like to move past this sense of impatience, it has served me well. I never feel complacent. I am usually able to balance being deeply grateful for where I am and what I have, while also striving, yearning, dreaming for more. That’s not to be said there is no tension between these two opposing forces - there absolutely is. From that tensions springs creativity. Even with that perspective, it is important to relentlessly push. Given this missive is already chock full of cliches, I’ll add another - it holds true that it is much easier to steer a moving object than a parked one.

Second fitting Basted try

I’ve written at small length about the time and energy spent to hurry up and wait for this, my first bespoke tuxedo from Orazio Luciano. All in, the process took about eight months, with multiple crossings of the Atlantic and heroic battles with both Italian and American customs. It remains a beautiful symbol of the value of the struggle and the payoff for persistent patience. Looking back at a year of ownership, I did create a few opportunities for wear - the first being an evening showing of The Magic Flute, at The Dallas Opera. The second, my birthday dinner. The third, The Nutcracker, again at The Dallas Opera, and finally, New Years Eve. Of course, no one could have anticipated the way things went from then, and the tuxedo has been under wraps since.

A look at the shoes

May black tie soon return. All smiles